Mercy Endocrinologist Dr. Supneet Saluja Explains Importance of Following Osteoporosis Treatment Regimen

January 9, 2017
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Osteoporosis is a very common problem for women as they age. There are medications available that can help stop bone density loss, or even build bone density. But some patients may be reluctant to use them.

Lois Lewis has been managing osteoporosis for 10 years. She takes it seriously. Her physician, Mercy’s Dr. Supneet Saluja of The Center for Endocrinology, explained that is a positive step in combating the condition.

“Osteoporosis is a silent disease, but a very devastating disease,” Dr. Saluja said. “The impact of a fragility fracture can be tremendous."

There are a handful of medications that can help, reducing the risk of fracture by up to 70 percent.

But after reports of rare side effects in some drugs, fewer women are taking them, and that can be a disservice.

Lewis has been on a drug that kept her disease from progressing, but now she is considering whether another medication might work even better.

“Dr. Saluja has recommended other options that I'm currently weighing,” Lewis said. “I'm looking at the risk versus the benefit. I'm always interested in education as it relates to health.”

According to Dr. Saluja, all patients should weigh risks and benefits and be mindful about possible side effects.

“The most important thing is it is rare, rare with a capital R,” said Dr. Saluja about side effects. “The benefit of preventing a fracture is far greater than raising your risk of having a fracture later on.”

View Mercy endocrinologist Dr. Supneet Saluja’s interview regarding the importance of following osteoporosis treatment.

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