Mercy’s Dr. Ruth Brocato Discusses Family Medicine And Patient Care

July 10, 2017
Mercy Personal Physicians at Lutherville

Family medicine is specialized health care treating everything and everyone in the family, all under one roof.

One physician provides long-term care for all family members, from babies to the elderly.

"I'm married to my husband, Ernie, and I have two children. My son is 24 and my daughter is 22," said Valerie Vaile, a patient.

They all started seeing family medicine practitioner Dr. Ruth Brocato of Mercy Personal Physicians at Lutherville, 10 years ago.

"When my kids were entering high school, sort of outgrowing their pediatrician, we thought it would be a great transition to have a family doctor, who, for one thing, it's one-stop shopping. It's sort of a no-brainer. Why would you go to five doctors when you can go to one?" Vaile said.

It's one of the benefits of family medicine for an entire family to have a lasting relationship with its doctor.

"We are trained to see children, adolescents, adults, young adults as well as geriatrics," Dr. Brocato said.

Family medicine offers different areas of expertise, so patients can still get the most from specialist care.

"I like to see them for their upper respiratory infections. I prefer to see them rather than having them go to Patient First, because I know them," Dr. Brocato said.

They tailor treatment to the patient.

"She knew my history, she knew my kids' history, she knew my husband's history, so if there was any kind of issue, she knew all the background details," Vaile said.

Vaile said family medicine has been really valuable and has a positive impact on her family.

View Mercy family medicine physician Dr. Ruth Brocato’s interview.

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