Mercy Gynecologist Dr. Kevin Audlin Discusses Relieving The Pain of Painful Periods

August 5, 2019
The Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

For some women, period cramps are just part of the monthly routine, and for others, they can get pretty painful.

According to gynecologist Dr. Kevin Audlin, Director of the Endometriosis Center at Mercy Medical Center, women can help control cramps with ibuprofen or birth control medication, which decreases blood flow.

"The easiest way to manage it is decrease the menstrual cycle. If you’re bleeding less, there’s less blood, there’s less irritants, there’s less need for the cramping and the contractions," Dr. Audlin said.

Some other options to help with period pain include improving diet, using a heating pad, getting a massage and exercising.

View Mercy gynecologist Dr. Kevin Audlin’s interview about relieving menstrual cramp pain and painful periods.

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