Mercy Pediatrician Dr. Ashanti Woods Discusses “The 4th Trimester” on THE WOMAN’S DOCTOR

September 30, 2019
Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MD

Most pregnant women can’t wait to get to the third trimester it means baby is almost here. But what about the fourth trimester? It’s one you don’t hear much about.

The so-called fourth trimester starts when your baby is born and lasts for about six to 12 weeks. It’s a vital time for moms to recover both physically and emotionally. This includes body changes, adapting to breastfeeding and getting used to life caring for a baby.

According to board certified pediatrician Dr. Ashanti Woods of Mercy Medical Center, up to 80 percent of moms experience postpartum depression, so it’s good to plan ahead.

"Moms should remember self-care is not selfish, so moms need to take care of themselves and again a happy mom is going to lead to a healthy baby," Dr. Woods said.

Some suggestions for new moms are to stock up on supplies for yourself, look for a therapist, find lactation support, say yes when people offer to help and get as much sleep as you can.

View Mercy pediatrician Dr. Ashanti Woods’ interview regarding the 4th trimester.

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