Forum for Shared Governance Accreditation

Increasing Nurse Engagement Through Shared Decision Making 

Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore, MDMercy’s nursing shared governance is now accredited by the Forum for Shared Governance. This accreditation recognizes Mercy’s commitment to nurse involvement in making decisions that impact clinical practice, quality improvement and professional development. Increased engagement through shared governance contributes to greater job satisfaction, outstanding patient experience and excellent clinical care.

Mercy’s shared governance model includes four division-wide councils focusing on Quality, Education, Practice and Informatics. The activities of the division-wide councils are organized by the coordinating council who review and determine annual goals and outcomes of shared governance. All groups collaborate and communicate with the Chief Nursing Officer, interprofessional taskforces and nursing leadership. 

Additionally, committees support unique priorities focusing on quality measures, nursing excellence, nurse advancement, retention and evidence-based practice and research. 

At the center of the model, with continuous involvement and interactions, are unit-based shared governance groups. This integrated and collaborative process represent how all Mercy nurses, at all levels, in all areas have input into important decisions.

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