Mercy's Expert Surgeons Offer Foot Fusion in Baltimore

The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

The surgeons at The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy in Baltimore specialize in providing the best treatment options, including foot fusion, for foot conditions such as arthritis and flat foot.

What is Foot Fusion?

Foot fusion is a surgical procedure during which two or more bones of the foot are fused together. The foot bones and joints can become painful and cause instability when joints in the hindfoot, midfoot or great toe are damaged because of arthritis, injury or flat foot deformity.

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How is a Foot Fusion performed?

During a foot fusion, the foot is reshaped and realigned and the joints are fused together with screws to maintain the corrected position. Although the foot is somewhat stiff, the up and down movement of the foot is fully maintained. The inward and outward (inversion and eversion) movement is lost. 

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Who should receive a Foot Fusion?

Patients who have degenerative arthritis in the foot, experienced a foot injury or have a severe flat foot deformity may benefit from a foot fusion to help regain balance and support.

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