About The Center – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mercy

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mercy - Baltimore, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mercy is home to one of Baltimore’s highly respected teams of breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Chang, Dr. Brendan Collins and Dr. Craig Vander Kolk.

Dr. Bernie Chang, Medical Director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mercy, recognizes that women and men who choose Mercy Medical Center for their reconstructive and cosmetic surgery select Mercy for very specific reasons, but at the heart of the decision why our patients choose Mercy is because they want to look the best they can.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mercy A Top Choice for Women and Men

Our Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery specialists are dedicated to restoring health and confidence in our patients. Whether your needs are for cosmetic medicine, breast reconstruction and restoration, or facial and body reconstructions, our expert doctors are leaders in their field. Patients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region come to Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore for the intricate, precision artistry and delicate surgeries our plastic and reconstructive doctors perform.

Look The Best to Feel Your Best

Our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery doctors and staff have tailored their program to address the specific needs of their patients. Our Breast Reconstruction and Restoration team of Dr. Bernie Chang and Dr. Brendan Collins has developed a Center of Excellence for breast cancer patients and patients who need corrective breast surgery to repair an unsuccessful previous experience. Mercy’s Breast Reconstruction and Restoration doctors are among the best breast reconstruction surgeons in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Breast Reconstruction and Restoration the Best Answer for Breast Cancer Patients

Natural beauty sometimes needs to be recaptured, especially for women who have had breast cancer.  Breast Reconstruction and Restoration at Mercy is designed specifically to address the physical changes that result from breast cancer surgery. The advantage women gain from the Breast Reconstruction and Restoration surgeons comes from their extraordinary skilled microsurgical technique to rebuild breast tissue from a woman’s stomach, buttocks or other area of her body.  When necessary or preferred by the patient, implants can be used to re-form the breast. 

Our expert breast reconstruction doctors work in close collaboration with the surgeons in The Hoffberger Breast Center to ensure women understand all their options – from breast cancer surgery through breast reconstruction – so they are able to make the best choice for their breast care.

Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery at Mercy – A Personal Choice for Your Personal Beauty

Dr. Craig Vander Kolk takes personal satisfaction in seeing women and men who have undergone cosmetic surgery walk into his office with a renewed sense of self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life. Our team of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery doctors, Drs. Vander Kolk, Chang and Collins, perform facial reconstruction, body and breast contouring, as well as a full array of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment options. Tucks, lifts, peels and laser treatments offer women and men an uncompromising approach so that patients receive the best possible results. Dr. Vander Kolk says it is rewarding to help patients make a positive, lasting impression.

Our Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery patients choose Mercy Medical Center and Dr. Craig Vander Kolk to accentuate their natural beauty, enhance and correct features or bring a more striking form and shape to their bodies and faces. Drs. Chang and Collins also provide top rated treatment options to women and men who are planning to have cosmetic procedures performed to enhance their looks.

Choose the Best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon for You

Experience, precision and skilled artistry are qualities patients demand when choosing a top rated plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Mercy encourages patients to review the physician profiles of Dr. Chang, Dr. Collins and Dr. Vander Kolk and to look at before and after photos to learn more about the expertise of our surgeons.

National and local recognition validates what so many patients already know – medical excellence in a spirit of warmth, compassion, respect and exceptional care is a commitment Dr. Chang, Dr. Vander Kolk and Dr. Collins make to their patients every day.