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  • McAuley Plaza at Mercy
  • Mercy Personal Physicians at Lutherville

Marta Ferraz Valles, RD

Marta Ferraz Valles, MA, RD, LD, is an outpatient dietitian at The Institute for Digestive Health and Liver Disease at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. She has years of experience in nutrition counseling for weight loss and gastrointestinal conditions. Marta works hand-in-hand with the physicians of the Institute to help develop individualized nutrition plans based on each patient’s diagnosis.

Committed to Helping Patients Achieve Optimal Health

Marta is passionate about helping patients transform their lives through food and lifestyle change. She is committed to educating patients on how food and nutrition affect their health, and providing them with the appropriate skills and resources that they deserve. She understands that lifestyle changes can be hard and meets her patients where they are. She provides a positive, caring, and non-judging environment for open conversation and learning.

Marta works with patients to develop individualized nutrition plans for a variety of health conditions including:

To learn more, ask your doctor if nutrition counseling is for you. To schedule an appointment, call the Institute at 410-332-9356. Marta sees patients in her Downtown Mercy office, Mercy Personal Physicians at Lutherville and can be available for phone consultations as well. Please note: We do not participate in insurance for GI dietetic visits at this time. Visits are self-pay. Please call the office for more details.


Insurances Accepted

See a list of insurances accepted at Mercy. Restrictions may apply. Patients should confirm coverage with their carrier prior to appointment date.