Robotic Surgery

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical option in which the surgeon is assisted by a robotic arm. The surgeon remains in full control of the movements of the robotic arm while performing the surgery.

Surgeons use the robotic arm to precisely and carefully remove damaged tissue. The robotic arm allows the surgeon to have greater surgical precision, increased range of motion, improved dexterity, enhanced visualization of the area to be treated and improved access to take out the damaged tissue.

Not all patients qualify for robotic surgery. To determine the best treatment option, patients should talk to their physician.

What are the advantages of Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery offers patients many advantages. For most patients, robotic surgery offers faster recovery, smaller incisions, less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and the ability to quickly return to daily routines. 

What conditions can be treated with Robotic Surgery?

Mercy’s team of robotic surgeons include doctors from a variety of disciplines with highly specialized training to perform and master robotic surgical skills.

Does Mercy specialize in Robotic Surgery?

Mercy is home to The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy. The National Institute of Robotic Surgery offers patients a leading edge alternative for robotic procedures across a range of specialty areas. The Mercy surgeons who are part of The National Institute of Robotic Surgery have been specially trained in some of the most advanced robotic surgical techniques.

Mercy is one of only several hospitals in the United States to have earned EpiCenter Certification in two specialties - Gynecologic Oncology and General Surgery. The EpiCenter and Mentor designations identify Dr. Im and the team of Mercy robotic-trained surgeons as being among the most qualified surgeons for “emerging and established surgical areas”.

Dr. Dwight Im, Director of The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy, is recognized as one of the elite robotic surgeons who also has been elevated to Mentor Status in Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology. Dr. Im has been honored for many prestigious achievements throughout his esteemed professional career, one of his most noteworthy is that he was the first surgeon in the United States to be named a Gynecologic Oncology Epicenter Surgeon for the da Vinci robot. Dr. Im and The National Institute of Robotic Surgery at Mercy have earned national and international acclaim for the work that has been achieved in teaching state-of-the-art robotic techniques to thousands of doctors worldwide.