Services We Offer for Baltimore City Employees

Mercy Business and Employee Health Services offers occupational health services to the police, fire and government workers of Baltimore City. With a commitment to timely appointments and services as well as a friendly environment, we are proudly dedicated to maintaining the health of those who selflessly serve and protect our City.

Pre-Employment Physical Exams

Mercy Business and Employee Health Services is committed to helping Baltimore City maintain a healthy workforce. Our pre-employment physical exams are conducted at our centrally located clinic in Downtown Baltimore at the intersection of Calvert and Pleasant Streets. All pre-employment exams are specific to the job the applicant will be performing and can include one or more of the following:

  • Health history review
  • General physical exam
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Physical ability tests / fitness for duty assessments
  • Establishment of a medical baseline in accordance with regulatory agencies

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a physical exam please call our offices at 410-332-9240.

Work Injury Care and Back-to-Work Assessments

Work Injury Care

Mercy Business and Employee Health Services offers immediate evaluation of work injuries as well as any necessary follow up care in a timely manner. Walk-in appointments are offered at our conveniently located clinic in Downtown Baltimore at the intersection of Calvert and Pleasant Streets.

With access to a network of renowned specialists and experienced physical therapists, we offer same-day appointment scheduling for most specialty services as well as follow up assessments when needed.

Back-to-Work Assessments

Our experienced clinical team provides comprehensive physical exams to help patients develop and achieve return-to-work plans. Our goal is to communicate with patients to help them understand the time frame for healing their injury as well as the key recovery and therapy options to make their return as smooth as possible. Upon passing a back-to-work assessment, patients are encouraged to adopt and adhere to preventive measures within the workplace to keep them safe and productive.


Maintaining employee health is a priority for our clinical staff. We offer vaccinations for Baltimore City employees including pre-scheduled flu clinics in preparation for flu season. For more information contact our office at 410-332-9240.

Substance Abuse Testing

Mercy Business and Employee Health Services provides drug and alcohol screening tests to promote the safety of the work environment as well as the safety of individuals. Our experienced clinical staff offers convenient and efficient testing at our clinic in Downtown Baltimore at the intersection of Calvert and Pleasant Streets.

With both pre-employment screening tests as well as random testing, our substance abuse management services help employers and employees maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.

For more information or schedule a drug and alcohol screening test call our offices at 410-332-9240.

Interval/Specialized Physical Exams

Our providers offer a variety of exams for current employees to maintain specific certifications or job duties. In accordance with federal and state regulations, our licensed medical examiners conduct Department of Transportation and Hazmat physical exams.

Your exam may include a health history review, physical exam, vision screening and urine test.

We recommend you bring with you the following: your prescription glasses or contacts (if applicable), a list of all current medications you are taking with the dosages and your clearance letter or stress test results from your cardiologist if you have cardiovascular disease such as collapse, congestive cardiac failure or cardiac insufficiency.

Call 410-332-9240 to schedule an appointment.