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Mercy Medical Center - Baltimore

The Sisters of Mercy Welcome You

Entering Mercy Medical Center through the doors of the state-of-the-art Mary Catherine Bunting Center, chances are you’ll notice a sign that reads, “The Sisters of Mercy Welcome You.”

While the sign may serve as confirmation that you’ve arrived at the correct destination, it also serves a higher purpose. Within those six words is everything that Mercy and its mission represent since that chilly November day in 1874 when six Sisters arrived in Baltimore to care for the needs of others.

At its very core, Mercy Medical Center is a welcoming, patient-friendly environment; a physical testament to the Values of the Sisters of Mercy – Dignity, Hospitality, Justice, Excellence, Stewardship and Prayer.

Mercy has been thoughtfully designed to provide a healing ambiance to patients and visitors alike, from the peaceful respite of the rooftop gardens to the expansive and homelike private patient rooms. And among the spaces and elegant architecture of the hospital, guests will find a variety of services and amenities designed to enhance patient and visitor comfort.  

The facilities of Mercy Medical Center allow us to serve the needs of others and together with the caring nature of doctors, nurses and staff, Mercy stands as a tower of hope to all those in our care and we welcome all those who enter.

Feel at Home in our Private Patient Rooms

Mercy Baltimore Private patient rooms in The Mary Catherine Bunting Center feature a variety of amenities for both patient and visitor comfort, many of which offer expansive, breath-taking views of the Downtown Baltimore skyline.

Patients can enjoy programming on flat screen televisions, browse the Internet, view religious services from the Mercy’s McAuley Chapel and even call a nurse for assistance. There's also an education channel where patients can learn more about many medical procedures and conditions.

Additionally, patients are provided with secure online access to their diagnosis, health information and discharge instructions through MyChart Mercy - a convenient, online portal providing information about your hospital visit.

For both patients and visitors, each room offers access to a personal bathroom. The bathrooms are large and spacious and feature a special floor coating which essentially turns the bathroom into a basin for easy showering. Bathrooms are also fitted with two nurse-call buttons for patients who require assistance.

Each patient room offers a personal safe, sofa, recliner chair and a separate nursing station. Additionally, each room also features an observation window through which nurses can check on their patient's status without entering the room, allowing for less intrusion for the patient.

State-of-the-art Operating Rooms

Mercy Baltimore The Bunting Center features large operating rooms with numerous technological advances and the latest medical and surgical equipment.

All lights, monitors and power supports in the ORs have been mounted on the ceiling and are easily movable in order to keep OR floors clear. Each OR has approximately the same layout, meaning doctors and nurses can locate equipment and materials quickly. 

In addition to well-planned design, doctors have access to upgraded technology available within the ORs of The Bunting Center. For instance, doctors will have access to fluoroscopy, which provides real-time moving images of the patient without a surgical opening. The fluoroscope is essentially an X-ray image intensifier equipped with a video camera allowing the images to be recorded and displayed on a monitor.

Relax in the Serenity of the Rooftop Gardens

Mercy Baltimore Bunting GardensThe glass corridors of the patient floors at The Bunting Center overlook three sweeping, eco-friendly rooftop gardens. Beautifully landscaped with trees, shrubbery and flowers, the gardens also include a decorative water feature, stone walkways and benches.

The 8th floor garden, known as The Mothers Garden, was given to Mercy by the Batza and Linehan families in honor of their mothers. Additionally, this floor is home to The Family Childbirth & Children’s Center at Mercy, a family-centered facility for expectant mothers, newborn babies, pediatric patients, families and visitors.

Reflect and Pray in Mercy’s Chapels

Mercy Medical CenterThe Sisters of Mercy believe that prayer plays an important role in the healing process of a patient as well as in the caring role of the family. With that in mind, Mercy’s Chapels are open to people of all faiths. Patients and visitors seeking a place of prayer, meditation and quiet solitude may visit one of two locations offered, including McAuley Chapel and The Chapel of Light in the Bunting Center lobby.

The McAuley Chapel is located in the McAuley Plaza and is Mercy’s Main Chapel for Religious Ceremonies. With beautiful architecture and stained glass lighting, the Chapel hosts both daily and weekend masses. These services can be viewed on the “Get Well” network within the patient rooms. Additionally, Holy Communion is available to patients upon request.

The Chapel of Light is located on the Main Lobby level of The Bunting Center. Available to people of all religions and faiths, the Chapel of Light is distinguished by 20-foot high glass walls containing thousands of translucent nuggets in a variety of colors. Facing the outdoors, these walls fill the Chapel with a rainbow of light when struck by sunlight.

To honor the Judeo-Christian heritage of the Sisters of Mercy, Jerusalem Limestone from the Holy Lands was chosen for the Chapel of Light, as well as the Grand Staircase and Main Information Desk on the Lobby level of The Mary Catherine Bunting Center.

Chaplains and Pastoral Care When You Need it Most

At The Bunting Center and throughout the Mercy campus, Mercy chaplains provide family and grief support when it’s needed most. Mercy’s Pastoral Care team offers emotional and spiritual support, routinely and in crisis situations. 

Pastoral Care is available to people of all faiths and provides prayer support for patients, families and staff. Patients who are experiencing difficulties in coping with personal or family issues such as illness, depression, stress, substance abuse, and loss can find help through Mercy's Pastoral Care.

Take a Step Through History

Mercy Medical CenterThe Skywalk Atrium, a beautifully designed walkway joining The Bunting Garage with the main hospital, traces the important moments in our storied history.

From the sponsorship of the Sisters of Mercy to our commitment and relationship with the city of Baltimore, the atrium tells the story of our success through photos, artifacts and descriptions.

Convenient Parking and Valet Services Available

At Mercy, patients and visitors have access to three convenient garages – Bunting, McAuley and Weinberg – each offering all-weather bridge access to the hospital campus.

Self Parking: Parking is available at an hourly rate (patients should bring their parking ticket with them to their medical appointment for validation). The Bunting Garage, at Pleasant Street and Guilford Avenue, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Valet Service: In addition, visitors may choose valet parking services for a small fee, also available at all three campus buildings including Bunting, McAuley and Weinberg. Our valet services offer a convenient alternative for those arriving at Mercy.

Enjoy a Variety of Delicious Eateries

Mercy is home to a number of eateries throughout the campus with a variety of delicious and nutritious offerings.

  • The Corcoran Café is located in The Bunting Center’s main lobby. The café serves drinks, sandwiches, and snacks, as well as made-to-order meals and weekly specials. The Corcoran Café also features its own brick oven for making homemade pizzas. The café is open to patients, visitors and staff.
  • The Bistro, located on the 6th floor of McAuley Tower, also offers a full menu from snacks to complete meals. The Bistro is popular for its grilled items.
  • The Coffee Kiosk in McAuley Plaza and Baggot Street Café in The Weinberg Center are also very popular spots for a quick bite to eat or a gourmet beverage. Both are located in the buildings' main lobbies.

In addition, Mercy is neighbor to downtown's 5-star restaurants, quaint cafés, coffee shops and bistros offering a wide selection of dishes including local seafood specialties, international cuisine and traditional American favorites. Many of these restaurants are within a 10-minute walk from the hospital.

Browse Our Premium Gift Shops

Mercy Baltimore Bunting Gift ShopThere are two gift shops on campus located in the lobbies of The Bunting Center and McAuley Plaza.

Mercy’s gift shops offer a variety of food, candy, reading materials and gifts to help make patients, guests, employees and volunteers feel welcome during their stay.


Educate Yourself at the Resource Library

The McGlannan Health Sciences & Consumer Health Information Center is located on the south end of The Weinberg Center at Mercy, 2nd floor. The area serves as a health resource library for faculty, students and the general public through a variety of books, periodicals and online services. A number of internet-ready computers are also available for use.

Take Advantage of Our Free Guest Wi-Fi

Mercy Medical Center is equipped to create a comfortable patient and visitor experience. In addition to utilizing Mercy’s "Get Well" multi-media system for a number of educational and entertainment purposes, Wi-Fi internet access is readily available on much of the Mercy campus, making it easy for patients and guests to check e-mail, read the news or browse the web.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Time with Us

Throughout the hospital, you’ll find a variety of services and amenities offered to meet your needs. As it was and is to this day, the goal of the Sisters of Mercy is to create an environment of care and hospitality to all those in need. With the commitment of our staff and with the continued investment in our facilities, we welcome you as part of our Mercy Family.

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