Visiting a Patient



How Can I Get in Touch with a Patient?

To obtain information on a patient’s room location or to be transferred by phone to their room, please call 410-332-9555. Patients must give permission for visitors and incoming phone calls.

How Can I Get an Update on the Status of a Patient?

When a patient comes in for surgery, he or she is asked to provide a designated contact person. This is the person the doctor or nurse will call to provide a status update. If you are a designated contact person awaiting a status update, you may call your liaison or the physician's office. In order to protect patients' privacy, Mercy cannot disclose patient information to non-designated individuals. 

What are Visiting Hours at Mercy?

General visiting hours are between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm; however, hours vary by floor. Please refer to Mercy's current visitor information and policies for additional information or check with the nursing staff or our information desk staff at 410-332-9555.

Where Should I Park?

Inpatients generally stay in The Bunting Center, which is directly accessible via The Bunting Garage.

Additional parking options include The McAuley Garage and The Weinberg Garage. Mercy offers both self-park and valet options for patients and visitors.


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