Welcome to Mercy


The Sisters of Mercy Welcome You

Entering Mercy Medical Center through the doors of the state-of-the-art Mary Catherine Bunting Center, chances are you’ll notice a sign that reads, “The Sisters of Mercy Welcome You.”

While the sign may serve as confirmation that you’ve arrived at the correct destination, it also serves a higher purpose. Within those six words is everything that Mercy and its mission represent since that chilly November day in 1874 when six Sisters arrived in Baltimore to care for the needs of others.

At its very core, Mercy Medical Center is a welcoming, patient-friendly environment; a physical testament to the values of the Sisters of Mercy – Dignity, Hospitality, Justice, Excellence, Stewardship and Prayer.

Mercy has been thoughtfully designed to provide a healing ambiance to patients and visitors alike, from the peaceful respite of the rooftop gardens and chapels to the expansive and homelike private patient rooms. And among the spaces and elegant architecture of the hospital, guests will find a variety of services and amenities, including convenient, on-site eateries and gift shops, designed to enhance patient and visitor comfort.

  • Private patient rooms in The Mary Catherine Bunting Center feature a variety of amenities for both patient and visitor comfort, including a private bathroom, recliner chair and convertible sofa. Many rooms offer expansive, breath-taking views of the Downtown Baltimore skyline.
  • Convenient valet and self-park options including parking garages with all-weather bridge access to the hospital.
  • Rooftop gardens, beautifully landscaped with trees, shrubbery and flowers, include a decorative water feature, stone walkways and benches. The glass corridors of the patient floors at The Bunting Center overlook the sweeping, eco-friendly gardens. 
  • The skywalk atrium, a beautifully designed walkway joining The Bunting Garage with the main hospital, traces the important moments in our storied history.

The facilities of Mercy Medical Center allow us to serve the needs of others and together with the caring nature of doctors, nurses and staff, Mercy stands as a tower of hope to all those in our care and we welcome all those who enter.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Time with Us

Throughout the hospital, you’ll find a variety of services and amenities offered to meet your needs. As it was and is to this day, the goal of the Sisters of Mercy is to create an environment of care and hospitality to all those in need. With the commitment of our staff and with the continued investment in our facilities, we welcome you as part of our Mercy Family.