About Our Center

Named a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.

The Tyanna O’Brien Center for Women’s Imaging at Mercy in Baltimore is a dedicated breast imaging and diagnostic Center. Our radiologists - doctors trained to use medical imaging techniques to diagnose and treat diseases - specialize in breast imaging.

Mercy’s team of radiologists uses multi-modality imaging to evaluate breast concerns, including breast pain, breast lumps and breast cysts.

Named a "Breast Imaging Center of Excellence"

The Center for Women's Imaging at Mercy is fully accredited as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. Our radiologists provide state-of-the-art breast imaging options and breast biopsy options using leading edge breast cancer detection technology:

Radiologists and Technologists with Expertise in Breast Imaging and Breast Biopsies

Mercy’s Center for Women's Imaging includes a team of radiologists who are completely devoted to only breast imaging - a factor that differentiates our Center from many other outpatient radiology centers. Our doctors read breast imaging studies on a daily basis and review more than 14,000 breast imaging related studies as a team each year.

All of the imaging studies at our Center are performed by highly-skilled and trained technologists who are dedicated solely to the field of breast imaging. All of our technologists are certified in mammography, ultrasound or MRI and have special expertise in performing the exams and addressing specific patient concerns.

Women’s Imaging services are available at the Downtown Baltimore campus of Mercy Medical Center and also at Mercy Personal Physicians in Lutherville.

A Team of Doctors Dedicated to Your Breast Health

Our doctors work in concert with on-site Mercy experts to provide a full range of care for your breast health:

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