A Typical Day

7:00 am Pre-Round on Patients

 Review events from previous night

 Assess patients
   Work rounds with senior resident
8:00 am Chief Resident Morning Report (over breakfast)
   Discussion of learning and management issues

 Case presentations
   Board review
 9:00 am Attending Rounds
   Approximately six hours per week  
   Teaching in team room and at bedside
12:00 pm  Noon Conference (over lunch)
   Wide-ranging topics presented by general medicine or subspecialty attendings
   Weekly Journal Club or Morbidity and Mortality Conference presented by Mercy preliminary residents
4:00 pm  Sign-out Rounds
5:00 pm  End of Day


General internal medicine services form the foundation of training for our preliminary medicine residents.

General Medicine Services
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Most subspecialty electives are offered at Mercy Medical Center, with unique electives including IV Therapy, Hospital Administration, Research, and a Reading elective to study for the Step 3 USMLE Exam.

Electives, ED and Critical Care
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Mercy Medical Center offers a comprehensive conference schedule based on a general internal medicine core curriculum through morning and noon conferences.

Conference Education

An outline of a typical day in the Mercy Medical Center / University of Maryland First Year Residency Program.

A Typical Day

Beyond the curriculum - information about the Mercy / University of Maryland Residency Program.

Quality of Life