About Our Center

Experience, expertise and compassion - let our family take care of yours.

The Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy is where hope begins for many patients who learn they have the life-altering diagnosis of cancer. Finding answers at Mercy’s Institute for Cancer Care begins the healing process for many patients and their families.

Dr. Armando Sardi serves as the Medical Director for The Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy. He leads a team of cancer doctors, nurses, staff and employees who care for cancer patients and cancer survivors. The Institute for Cancer Care offers patients a comprehensive approach to their care – from their initial visit through surgery, recovery and follow-up care.

Choosing The Best Cancer Treatment

Patients from Baltimore and across Maryland turn to the experience, expertise and compassion of the cancer doctors and nurses at Mercy because they are looking for the best cancer treatment options available. At Mercy, we believe treating cancer requires the skill of gifted surgeons, a team of highly-trained oncology specialists, access to the latest, most appropriate technology and medications, leading edge clinical trials and research, as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

Accredited Cancer Center

At Mercy Medical Center, we are especially proud the Commission on Cancer has awarded our Cancer Institute Full Accreditation. This prestigious accreditation is the seal of approval for cancer programs from the American College of Surgeons and formally acknowledges Mercy’s commitment to providing high-quality cancer care to our community.

Compassionate Care -The Heart of Mercy’s Cancer Institute

We believe there is more to treating cancer than addressing only the physical complications. Study after study confirms patients who have a strong support team, spiritual comfort and an optimistic outlook typically experience better recoveries and are more determined to win their battle over cancer.

Our goal in The Institute for Cancer Care is to bring healing and comfort to our patients – and to help them find their smile every day. On the tough days as well as the days that call for dancing victory celebrations, our nurses and doctors are there side-by-side with their patients. Mercy Medical Center and Mercy Personal Physicians have surgeons, physicians and clinical experts who are able to address cancers within the specialties of:

The Cancer Doctors at Mercy

Many of Mercy's cancer doctors are recognized among the foremost experts in their fields. Known first for their skill and expertise in the operating room, our doctors also regularly serve as teachers for the next generation of cancer surgeons, faculty at elite medical conferences and are sought out for a second opinion in the evaluation of extremely complex cancer cases.

Our doctors value a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer and take advantage of the collaboration that comes from having a comprehensive cancer program housed on Mercy’s Downtown Baltimore campus. Our doctors also invest heavily in the expertise and support of our oncology nurses, chemotherapy staff, dietitians and the many other members who comprise Mercy’s cancer team.

Mercy experts recognize that for many patients it is easier and more convenient to see their doctor for pre-and post-operative visits at one of the many Mercy Personal Physicians sites located around the Baltimore beltway. Additional cancer services, such as infusion, mammography, MRIs and CT scans also are available at these Mercy locations.

On-Site Patient Resource Navigator

Mercy encourages patients and their families to be educated, active health care participants. We also know a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. That’s why Mercy provides a patient advocate through our patient resource navigator. Our patient resource navigator guides patients through the complexities of insurance approvals, coordination of doctors’ appointments and connection to support groups, counseling, social work and pastoral care. 

Mercy Medical Center - An Award-Winning Hospital

Patients who require a surgical solution to their diagnosis come to The Mary Catherine Bunting Center in Downtown Baltimore, where Mercy offers a dedicated oncology floor, state-of-the-art operating rooms and a safe, beautiful healing environment.

Mercy oncology nurses are specially trained to address and care for the needs of each individual patient. Mercy is proud to be one of the elite hospitals in the United States that has earned Magnet Status distinction for nursing care. This achievement has been reached by Mercy following each certification review for multiple years – an achievement only a small group of hospitals across the country has earned.

Mercy also is proud to host our annual National Cancer Survivors Day, an annual event that celebrates patients and families who no longer fear the word cancer but instead face life with a new outlook and renewed hope.